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This section is dedicated to programs that I have made and am specifically fond of. It also features some helpful scripts.

fe2cghe iDR QUAD
C++ C++ C++
A command line utility to convert and merge several output files from Feature Extraction software to a format importable by CGH Explorer. My take at a custom dendrogram-rendering visualization utility. Adds unlimited number of user-defined color-coded parameters underneath the dendrogram. PostScript output. Lead the poor lost Quad through a variety of stages and from the menacing fangs of his many enemies in this charming little 2D platforming game. Utilizes OpenGL. Work in progress.

DIrt C++ DIrt is a simple ray tracer which features include diffuse lightning, reflections, antialiasing and more.

MGM C++ Generate maps illustrating origins and stylistic influences of all music genres using data from Wikipedia.

iPS C++ A fun little particle simulator complete with an even smaller non-realtime rendering engine using Cairo.

CircViz C++ Started out as a simple visualization tool. Ended up as a fancy pdf-creating artsy doodling app.

iDraw C++ Drawing application which enables two people draw on the same canvas. Includes several brushes etc.
cent.m MatLab Code snippet for median-centering microarray data

cent.r R-script Code snippet for median-centering microarray data

cent.m MatLab Create smooth red-green colormap. Used for heatmaps to visualize expression data

filtSD.zip MatLab Filtering of microarray data according to SD-variation

LogRankGenesM.R R-script Perform a log rank of all genes based on their expression data. Compare survival of patients with expression above median with below median

LogRankGenesQ.R R-script Perform a log rank of all genes based on their expression data. Compare survival of patients in the lowest and highest expression quartile

LogRankMethyl.zip MatLab Perform a log rank of all genes based on their methylation data

subtyping.m MatLab Subtyping of BC samples based on their mRNA expression and according to pre-defined expression profiles
scrobbler_n810.py Python A script for my trusty Nokia N810 which creates a "scrobbler.log" file for subsequent scrobbling to Last.fm. Supports the native media player.

capture_time_lapse Bash A very simplistic script to take screeshots of the desktop at a given interval. This is great for creating time lapse animations of f.ex. yourself drawing. No Camtasia or other proprietary mumbo-jumbo required.