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My collection of links.
Linux KernelYes, indeed, that is the one Linus Torvalds created some 18 years ago.
UbuntuThe best-known Linux distro out there. And for the most part for a good reason.
Linux QuestionsA great forum for asking your questions about Linux!
FirefoxThe heavy-weight champion. Fully featured and extensive, and a huge resource hog.
KonquerorSomewhere in-between Firefox and Google Chrome. Good for occasional surfing, but is actually a much better used as file browser.
OperaGood alternative, especially for mobile devices (Opera Mini). Also now features Opera Unite, if you are into that sort of thing, I guess.
Google ChromeFastest and leanest browser of them all. Very nice.
BlenderOpenSource 3D suite of fantastic complexity, a well of features and a great community.
InkscapePoor man's vector drawing program. Misses Illustrator's quality by a mile, but is still damn useful in certain circumstances.
Last.fmA great social music site but with the best feature being statistics collection. Unfortunately now utterly commercialized.
RockboxOpensource firmware for a number of mp3-players, including Apple's line of products. Enables many advanced and interesting features (including games like Doom 1 and 2, playlist sorting, queues, playlists etc.)
WordpressProbably the best blog publishing software (and to a certain degree Contents Management System) out there.
ZenPhotoA lightweight easy-to maintain and use gallery picture gallery coded in PHP.
TwitterMicroblogging site. If you haven't heard of it, you must have been living under a rock. No, seriously.
YoutubeCurrently the king of user-added video sites out there. Unfortunately not always as good as claimed.
ViddlerA great alternative to Youtube.
Open OfficeThe most fully-featured opensource office suite out there. Can easily act as a replacement for Microsoft Office.
Google AppsVery useful if you "live" online, includes PIM applications as well as Office software.
KDEOne of the two great desktop environments in the Linux world.
OpenboxA fully-featured yet minimalistic (although not extreme as RatPoison or EvilWM) window manager.
ConkyThe most feature-rich system monitor for Linux. It will however not win any awards for visual stylishness.
WineAllows the user to run Windows application on a Linux desktop. Sometimes it will run, sometimes it won't - although admittedly it has been doing more latter in the past few years. Kudos goes to the Wine community!
NoMachine NX Client/ServerGreat remote desktop software enabling low bandwidth consumption through compression and some other neat features.
HamachiVirtual LAN software, also works fine on Linux. Great for gaming.
FirebugA must-have extension for web developers.
YSlowPerformance analysis add-on for Firebug.
RIPGives you a wealth of advanced features on removing certain contents from web pages. Nice to use when ABP (see below) fails.
AdBlock PlusThe name says it all. Great extension.