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I have set up a separate page which details what equipment I currently own and use. You will find it here.
A basic color sensor A simple RGB-LED-and-photoresistor sensor, complete with a ton of pictures and an instruction video.

Modding a projector clock A very short and simple project to mod a battery powered projector clock to run on power from a usual wall wart (and some other quirks).

More projects of epic proportions are yet to come
Knight Rider in 30 lines of code Written in ASM Tested on ATmega16L My first project written in its entirety in assembler. I've never been that much into assembly, but this was a very interesting experience which reminds me of solving a puzzle and involves a very different logic than what I am used to from higher-level languages. Also, assembly sure is efficient - this code compiles to only 44 bytes of hex. You can find the source code here: knight-rider-asm.tar.gz.

Binary calculator Written in C Tested on ATmega16L My second MCU project was to build a simple binary calculator. It can add, subtract, devide and multiply in 8 bits. The source code is here: avr-calc.tar.bz2.

Knight Rider Written in C Tested on ATmega16L My first ever microcontroller/electronics project. Yes, you guessed it! It's a seizure-inducing and utterly useless LED-blinking show with 17 awesome patterns. The source code is here: avr-led.tar.bz2