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This is a page where you will find some additional Q&A-style information about this site.

Q: What does the domain name stand for?

A: Well, that's really not too hard to figure out: I am a doc, and my first name is Ivan, hence the name of the website: www.Dr-Ivan.com

Q: What software do you use to run the blog?

A: I have chosen WordPress.

Q: What software do you use to run the gallery?

A: ZenPhoto for its simplicity and its simplicity, in that order :)

Q: What software do you use to organize the other pages?

A: None. These are coded by hand.

Q: Why not Drupal or Joomla or *insert-a-random-CMS-here*?

A: Too large and cumbersome. Although it would have been fun to play around with a CMS, especially Drupal - given its robust and scalable nature. Unfortunately time constraints do not allow me to fully dive into any of these.

Q: Did you use Frontpage or DreamWeaver to create these pages?

A: Nope. Just a text editor. And coffee.

Q: Why drop support for IE6?

A: The question should rather be: Why the hell are you still using it?? It is old, ugly, does not comply to web standards and is an extreme danger to your own safety as well as safety of others.